Entry #3 – Everyday Heroes

Some superheroes;
Superman, Batman, Hawkeye,
Ironman, the Hulk.

Their abilities;
Invisibility, swim,
Flying, strength.

Some of my heroes;
Carson, Tony Pericle,
Rex Johns, Rob Santos.

Their abilities;
Lead by example, teaching,
correcting, lift up.

Who these people are;
Older brother, church leader,
Grandfather, Bishop

A super hero,
Can go by any kind of name,
Not just end in “man”.

A super hero,
Can do almost anything,
But can’t disappear,

A super hero,
Can derive from anywhere,
And can live with you.

Entry #4 – Hero

I was alone in the depths of my own mind
Remembering things that I tried so hard to forget
Lost in the sea of society
Never understanding why life had to be so unforgiving
If happiness was that hard to find
Was it really worth it?

I was ready to leave my life behind, ready for my sorrows to fade away
Just as I would
Living contently seemed so easy to so many
But to me, simply wanting to live at all
Was a challenge I faced each and every day, and I was done.

Ready to say goodbye,
I scribbled a note to anyone who would find it
But then he came; he came to me
And caught the tears escaping from my eyes.

He listened to me, like no one ever did
He heard my misery and understood, like no one ever could
He held my hand; he saved me.

The breath I thought would be my last, he made only the beginning
Of a new life filled with joy and happiness
My worries drifted away, along with my past.

He is the only reason I still breath today, the only reason I still smile
The way he understood, the way he stayed no matter what
Kept me alive.
He will always be my hero.

Entry #6 – Everyday Superheroes

All superheroes don’t wear capes,
They don’t wear masks and don’t make daring escapes.
They stand with us, on buses, in line, or on the streets,
They have endless piles of work and long grocery store receipts.
They aren’t recognized for their everyday achievements,
Instead are put through years of grievance.

Everyday superheroes are normal men and women,
They help your carry piles of bags, or pick up your dropped pen.
They make the world a better place,
With kindness and a smiley face.
They don’t ask to be recognized and hardly are,
But in our hearts, they are the star.

Entry #7 – Eyes Closed

Shut eyes,
I stand above a grand city,
The darkness is my shroud.
I am feared, I am loved,
I am the protector, I am the night.
Leaping across rooftops, stopping crime.
The sun rises, painting colors around the edges of the sky.
Night has ended, I am finished.
And now who am I.
My eyes open to light and I know,
I am a girl, with a comic book in hand.
But when I close my eyes and enter the dark,
I am much more.

Entry #8 – Who’s a Hero?

Not every hero has a super power or cape.
They are just ordinary people with a big heart,
People who are willing to go above and beyond,
People who care.

There’s a hero in the homeless man who chose to give back the lost ring,
There’s a hero in the protective service agent protecting the child from a cold heart,
There’s a hero in the girl down the street giving voices back to those who can’t speak,
There’s a hero in the boy teaching the illiterate to read.

A person doesn’t have to be strong to make him a hero,
A person doesn’t have to be fearless to make her a hero,
The person just has to be willing to try.
The person has to have compassion.

A hero is the one who isn’t afraid to face flames from a roaring fire,
A hero is the one who fights for our freedom,
A hero is the one who rescues the abandoned,
A hero is the one who teaches and inspires to reach for the stars.

A hero is him,
A hero is her,
A hero is me,
And a hero is you.

Entry #9 – Heroes

Kids look up to heroes
The kind in comic books
With capes and masks and spandex
Saving damsels, stopping crooks

Kids admire heroes
The ones with special gifts
Super strength and X-ray vision
And flying swiftly off of cliffs

But some kids are not aware
That not all heroes are pretend
Some heroes live around us
And they are family, they are friends

A hero is the veteran
Who lost their leg to war
A hero is the single mom
Whose children, she adores

A hero is the young deaf child
Who smiles through their pain
A hero is the homeless man
Who never once complains

They’re all heroes, every one
Just like Batman or Mystique
Because what makes a hero super
Is how they push on when they’re weak

Entry #10 – Real Live Superheroes

When the word ‘superheroes’ is heard
Most people think of Captain America, Superman,
Batman, or Spiderman
Those men of stories and role models of children
They all are fictional, which unites them together
However, the real heroes live among us
Sometimes not noticed for their service

They are the mothers, who create life
And raise that life to have bright futures
They are the firemen, who save victims
From a fiery hell and smoke filled tomb
They are the teachers, with strong minds
Teaching knowledge so everyone can understand
They are the engineers, shaping the world around us
Making lifelong decisions with their genius

The real superheroes live among us
Don’t forget to cherish them as well

Entry #14 – Reflection

When you look in my eyes
What do I see?
I see a strong here,
Looking back at me.

His smile so strong
His eyes gleam wide
There he stands tall
Not a secret to hide

I take a step back,
And take a look in the mirror
What do I find?
I see my reflection, my hero.

Entry #15 – My Hero

When you look in the mirror,
What do you see?
Because I see a person
Who I strive to be.

When you hug me and kiss me,
And tell me goodnight,
I have nothing to fear
When you turn out the light.

Because no monster, evil,
Or goblin, too,
Would ever be a match
For brave ol’ you.

Entry #16 – The Hero Is in You

A dream is like a tiny seed that skillfully but unintentionally enters your soul and implants deep within your subconscious. Delicately but without delay, the seed of the dream begins to germinate and sprout roots of desire, passion, and excitement into your heart. While the roots continue to grow, nourish, and strengthen with the love that’s in your heart, gradually they begin to travel with energy to the conscious part of your mind. With this solid foundation and a little mixture of positive thoughts, imagination and creativity, the stem of the dream is formed. Miniature leaves composed of numerous ideas and motivation, begin to paint a picture of your dream. These loyal supporters work to feed and protect what will eventually allow your dream to gorgeously bloom. No dream is completely resistant against the harsh, negative input from the weeds of doubt and fear. These weeds attempt to embed, trample and raze all your hard work! While vigorously struggling to fight and prevent these weeds from invading your heart and mind, you find yourself in a spell of drought. Suddenly, the garden of ideas, filled with illusions of happiness, joyful melodies and desires, begin to wilt and growth looks dismal. As you grow weary from the exhaustion of fighting the battles of doubts, fear and confusion, a cool breeze of trust along with drops of faith, drench your garden rejuvenating your soul with a feeling of triumph. Yes, the dream is still alive! With a copious amount of belief, desperate desire and devotion, all the ingredients come together and one day right before your eyes, your dream begins to bloom! The flower of your dreams begins to produce a scent of sweet success. Just as you feel you’ve reached the peak of maximum joy, you see that others have been inspired by your heroic actions.

Entry #17 – Save Yourself

The air is too cold
as you draw it into your body
in a deep and ragged breath.
The world is distorted,
the room suddenly so dark,
full of all the wrong possibilities.
If it weren’t for the shock,
sleep’s grasp would still merely
be loosening
the torment of your mind can only
be escaped through the torment of your body.
You stay awake, no matter the cost, because
you know:
There is no Hulk, ready to burst in,
ready to chase the panic away.
There is no Batman, willing to bring
the warmth night can offer when
it’s not so terrifying.
There is no Captain America, no man
in stars and stripes, eager to save you.
There are no good souls swooping in,
desperate to salvage what your mind has left over.
There is only darkness and fear, and a pit
in your stomach, that says maybe,
maybe you’re your own hero.

Entry #19 – A Real Superhero

I wake in excitement,
My brain fresh with ideas to come.
I wait in anticipation, the prolonged break is done!

I rush to the old comic store,
My eyes shining with glee.
My mind is only on it, though my ears hear a scream.

I dash off to the comic store,
My feet with a mind of their own.
Jitters of adventure I feel, except my nose whiffs the scent of Rome.

My hands grip the knob,
A bell gently sings.
That comic is mine, my jitters have grown wings.

Just as I reach for the last copy,
Just as I take a deep breath to squeal,
Another hand snatches it up from me.
My squeal stolen, my heart aches.
Another time, my comic waits.

In rejection I leave the store,
An acrid taste in my mouth.
The bell cackles as I swing out of the door,
I make a silent yelp.

I take a different route back to home,
My steps slow and dull.
My senses finally awaken,
My ears hear cries for help!

I look up shocked,
How oblivious I have become!
A house had erupted,
Like Pompeii, it was almost done.

Suddenly, burly figures push me back,
I hadn’t realized I was walking towards the house.
Shaken from my trance, I watch in awe.
A tsunami of water overtakes the abode.
The residents were saved,
History made a mistake.
And so did I…

Entry #20 – Who Are They?

The people we believe in
The people who make us believe
Those are our heroes
But yet who are they?
The superheroes of Marvel?
Or the people that
contribute to society.
Perhaps the answer lies somewhere
In our past, present, and future.
In the people who have performed
those small acts of kindness.
In those people who created our
history and memories.
Perhaps the real heroes
lie inside all of us.

Entry #21 – When I Need You

Would you be my hero
If I needed you to –
If I could no longer save myself,
If you were all that I had left?
Would you spread your wings to catch me,
If I fell to the unforgiving ground,
If my own wings had been clipped?
Would you wrap me in your silken cape –
If my skin was cold and worn?
Would you be my superman?
Would you be my hero?
Because I know that if I could,
I would
Be yours.

Entry #22 – Our Marines

Working till 3,
Protecting our country.
Wearing red, white, blue, and camo,
Sorting through the ammo.
Shuffling off to war,
Sailing offshore.

Aim and shoot, aim and shoot,
Knowing that life here is acute,
Family at home praying,
Depressing and dismaying.
While men and women battle.
Everywhere, bullets brattle.

Protecting our country!
Our superheroes,
Our Marines.

Entry #23 – What Qualifies One to Be a Hero?

I was always told that a superhero was a courageous person
Who strived to make the world a better place
One problem at a time,
Who was selfless even in a time of despair,
And never lost sight of hope
In times where it seemed like there was none.
But how come superheroes are depicted wearing capes?
How come they aren’t recognized as ordinary people?
Because of this, many say superheroes aren’t real,
But I know they are wrong.
They roam our precious Earth,
And exist everywhere around the world.
They right our wrongs and always believe.
I believe that there is a superhero in everyone,
And that one simple act of kindness,
Could spark the candle of hope that burns eternally.

Entry #24 – The World’s True Savior

As a kid I always believed,
That superheroes roamed the world.
Helping mankind and saving the planet,
Annihilating one crime at a time.
In my darkest hours,
I always believed,
That superheroes would save me.
In my time of pain,
Not one person with a leotard
Or spandex suit came to save me.
The one who came to save me,
Was my savior,
Who pulled me out of my depression
And led me to the right path.
It is He who will be there for me regardless
And is not in a comic book,
But a bible.
And is not soaring high,
But watching from above.
And is not wearing a cape,
But rather a smile upon his face.

Entry #25 – They Say

“I’ll never stop fighting. Ever.” – Superman
Heroes don’t give up.
They, despite all the obstacles, stand strong, with their head held high.
They fight until their last drop of energy, is used up.
“Keep moving, even if your path isn’t lit. Trust that you’ll find your way.” – The Flash
Heroes are role models.
Heroes are the ones that teach people to stay dedicated,
To keep stay faithful even if the future isn’t clear.
“A hero can be anyone…” – Batman
Heroes are teachers.
They teach us what is right and what is wrong.
Most of all, they teach us that we can all make a difference.
“Why do you live?” “Because I have something worth living for.” – Harry Potter
Heroes know why they are fighting.
They know what they are fighting for.
“Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed.” – Piper Mclean
Heroes accept that they have limits.
“We have risked our lives for our country – not the country we live in now, but the country we hope to have. You are all, every single one of you, a hero.” – Day

Entry #26 – They Are

From Superman, the Avengers, Spiderman, and Batman,
To Harry, Percy, Katniss, and Tris.
All heroes.
They’re the ones who help.
They’re the ones who protect.
They’re the ones who save.

Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern,
Thomas, Clary, Katsa.
They do what is right, no matter how many people don’t believe them.
They make the most sacrifices, which are often the hardest to make.
They are willing to give up their lives for their friends and family.
They are the people that everyone looks up to.
They are our heroes.

Entry #27 – A True Hero

The people who save everyone,
Who risk their lives for others,
Who takes the challenge,
Of becoming a hero

Batman, Superman,
Both are heroes,
Firefighters and the Army,
They are all heroes.

Who is your hero?
Reality or imaginary,
Everyone has their hero.
Maybe a family member or a friend,
Or someone you just met,
Maybe someone who is not real.

We all are heroes
Don’t stop challenging yourself.
For the real superhero,
Is determination and courage
Beauty and justice,
And the soul lying deep,
deep in the heart.

Entry #28 – Memorial

Buried under the trodden ground
The emancipated body of the hero
Covered in scratches and bruises from his final stand
Skin pale and bloody beyond hope

He can be recognized by any bystander
Not by the rusting silver plaque sitting on his lapel
But by the proud, determined smirk
That remains plastered on his lifeless face
And the red, white, and blue flag resting in his limp hand

He wasn’t remembered for being a great father or brother
Or for keeping his faith through the war
But for selflessly sacrificing himself for the freedom of his country

Though he didn’t wear a cape or a spandex suit bearing his name
And he didn’t fly or engage in battles with worldwide evils
He risked his life for the country he loved
And wished not for riches or good fortune
But for the wind to one day pick up his small flag
And fly it proudly

Entry #29 – Superheroes Are the Ones

Superheroes are the ones,
who linger in your imagination.
They are the ones that,
dry those tears, that fall off your face.
They ones who pick you back up,
When you fall.

They help,
They are those who get beat up,
When they fight off your worst nightmare.
They are the saints,
They are our saviors,
That linger in our memories.

Entry #30 – Superheroism, an Image

Society says superheroes are the ones in capes,
But how much does it really take
To drape an article of cloth around oneself?
They say superheroes are the ones in suits,
But is it really that amazing
To wear a costume for the public eye to see?
And to hide who you really are?

They say being a superhero is something extraordinary,
Exciting, mind-boggling, even mysterious,
But what is the true epitome of a superhero?
Is it their capes?
Is it their costumes?
Surely it isn’t that, or else all of us would be capable
Of being someone unique and cherished
Of being someone different
Of losing who we really are in the power of good.

Surely it is the actual super powers of a superhero,
That shape them into who they are.
But if that is so,
Then why are they wearing this paraphernalia?
Yes, they want to be recognized,
But credit isn’t something always worth snatching.
Maybe superheroism is only about image.

Entry #31 – Is Anyone a Hero?

You may think that when a scary situation arises,
You can calm down, and put on the mask of a confident hero.
To save your fellow passenger with the last parachute,
On a plane heading straight in the ground destitute of life.
But back in reality, everyone saw a common Joe,
working an office job, quiet, not standing up for themselves.
They were never brave or fearless, but those traits
they earned based on what they did during a life-or-death situation.
But really you take the last parachute,
selfishly dive in the air, live the rest of life full of regret,
Of what you could have done, would have done.
Maybe everyone saw a strong leader, climbing the top
and helping everyone else up. Being a diverse character that
was sure to be a hero in any position-dying for a common Joe to live.
But you only get to know your true self, true hero, in a true situation.

Entry #32 – The Crime of the Superhero

He pulls up his tight, maroon boots,
And puts on his lined cape with pride,
As he secretly jumps through the silver chute.
Eyeing criminals behind the toolbox, is where he will hide,
With the flight of a butterfly, and a sting of a bee,
He spends his nights not sleeping- but defending the ground,
Surveying the illegal, filthy criminals that do not plea.
He sees an armed hooligan jumping a man, he is ready, ready to pound.
The ski-masked coward starts to escape, scaling the secretive corner,
A chase has arisen with red, blue lights and a series of fearful screams.
The illicit man is calling for help and regretting it all-his life of a mourner.
A stupid excuse he made to escape court-it was all just a fun scheme.
And the tackle our hero made was a dive with a full-on slam of the body.
His feelings of rage and fury made the power too strong to handle.
Next is shining red with the medics carrying away the torso-very bawdy.
Some poor pedestrian was held at gunpoint and threatened away.
Like lawyers and folk forgot that-and are fans of the dirt-faced criminal.
And the Man of Justice was just a scam meant to be betrayed,
Kept behind bars, tortured for his mistake that was just unforgivable.
No-one thinks, ʺIs this fair?ʺ, cause the popular opinion lays down hate,
And more hate, Since the society needs a common loser to abate.

Entry #33 – Midair

Catch me I’m falling.
Reach for my hand.
If a beckon call will
not catch your attention,
I am out of ideas. It started
when I was naïve, with bows
in my hair and a crisp spring dress.
You started off another empty
promise with words that are now all
too familiar.
I will come back for you.
Keep me in your heart.
You cursed me with these words, telling
me the world was full of only good.
Empty. Your words were empty. Yet,
now someone has come who truly
will catch me. Jealously has kicked in;
you forbid our interaction.
Why do you keep me from happiness?
My superman is here to rescue me,
but because of you I am still falling.
This I say now not to you, but to my new
start, my true hero, my last chance.
Catch me.

Entry #34 – My Heroes

My heroes wear no capes;
Though in my mind they fly,
Their favorite outfit flutters,
Whenever a breeze blows by.

My heroes have no powers;
They cannot shoot lasers nor fire,
Though when they speak they save lives,
While mine and yours are inspired.

They understand my feelings,
Though sometimes they make me weep.
They take away my nightmares,
So I can go to sleep.

My heroes also have villains,
But they are protected by me.
When flames threaten to scorch their tongue,
I’ll drown the fire with the sea.

I have my heroes, and you have yours,
Each one is different in looks.
But they’re our Superman; they’re our savior,
These wonders we know as books.

Entry #35 – The Real Hero

I was never saved by a Caped Crusader,
Though I saw his grinning clown.
The taunting laughs and teasing cackles
Echoing all around.

I never met America’s Captain,
Though I was close to his best friend,
I knew of lies and secrets and treachery,
Of a friendship that would never mend.

I couldn’t see the real enemy,
Until it was poised for the kill.
And of course my “super” hero
Would never show up, and never will.

Heroes would never save me,
When I faced their greatest fear;
It took the form of people I know,
My friends, my family, my peers.

I learned long ago that it was hopeless to wait,
Thinking my savior they would be,
For the only person who could fight back,
Was the one and only me.

Entry #36 – On Her 16th Birthday

She wasn’t always perceived with a heart of stone,
But with eyes that shone like gold.

Her horns made you think of something vile.
However her kindness lifted the ones whose hearts was filled with bile.

The Fairy Queen they called her, she was graceful and benevolent,
For her name was Maleficent.

Entry #37 – With Love

I was told when someone leaves this world,
Their soul goes to Heaven to live there with the old.

I was also told if their spirit has a bad ending,
They come back to fix their premature undoing.

A friend of mine had to come back and he brought a friend along,
He found the guys who did him wrong.

When he said goodbye, he left a note with his friend,
“Eric Draven sends his regards for the men who met their end.”

*Eric Draven is the protagonist and hero of The Crow comic book series.

Entry #38 – Inspire

In our mind, they are higher than anything. They are idols –
Golden, perfect – They are our heroes.
They are the ones who stood up. The ones who fought for what they believed.
The ones who devoted their whole being to this eternal fight.
Or they are the ones who were silent. Not passive – calculating.
Waiting for just the right moment to strike.
They are constantly inspiring us.

Living requires will, needs strength, and demands optimism.
When everything seems lost, when there is no hope –
There is always a hero. Inspiring us, constantly.
In our minds, they are up on a pedestal.
Powerful, incredible, honored for eternity.
And these heroes are our only light in the darkness.
They are constantly inspiring us.

But in reality, they were down on earth just like us.
They were normal people, who had a spark inside of them.
They wanted to fight. So fight, fight, fight –
Because one day, we could be on top of that pedestal.
We could be that shining light. All it takes is a spark
To start a fire. And when a fire burns, there’s no stopping it.
They are constantly inspiring us.

Entry #39 – Listen Up

Yes, I’m small. Deal with it.
I’m louder than you are,
I’m stronger than you are,
So listen up.

I’m a hero. I may not look like it,
But I am – and you are too.
We all are.

Being a hero doesn’t mean
You have to wear a cape or save the world.
Living in itself is the feat of a hero.

So listen up.
Because I’m going to tell you something
You shouldn’t ever forget.
Don’t ever give up, because
You can conquer anything
You put your mind to.

So, I’m a hero,
You’re a hero…And we’re all heroes.
Because we all have our own bad guys.
Whether it be fear, or stress, or something more real.

Life’s never going to be easy.
But we are all heroes,
And we can all conquer whatever is thrown at us.
So listen up, and stand up
You are a hero.

Entry #40 – We Could Be Heroes

As children, we have read about superheroes;
Stopping their villains, getting the girl, saving the world.
As children, we’ve always wanted to be just like them;
To have super powers and gadgets, the costumes, to go on great, courageous adventures.
But as children, what many of us didn’t realize;
We could be a different kind of hero
For the people that need help, for the people who need hope, for the people who need love.
From the time we are children, we could be heroes.

Entry #41 – Black Widow

Cape draped over
To cover up the scars on her back
Mask on her face
To hide her tears
Black, skin-tight suit reflecting the empty void
In her heart
As she stares into the pool of blood
Reevaluating her life’s choices
To banish away all those rumors
Of her being cruel, insensitive
Of her spinning a thread of lies and deception
She casts one final look at herself
And all she sees is black
But she smiles through all the pain
After all she is the black widow

Entry #43 – Trendy

I think a lot about the things that are Trendy.
Capital-T-Trendy, wicca and punk rock and white-gridded backgrounds
dark, slimy superpowers and heros more human than god
for once.
Millions of dollars for a smashed-up faux New York,
or billions.
Put power in a bottle and sell it for thirteen ninety-nine.
Just below the t-shirts,
ʺMarcie, cleanup on aisle three, some kid thought he was batman again,ʺ
Idolatry is easy.
And then the trends change, and we find new idols
and the power goes on the bottom of the sale rack.

Entry #44 – Fairies

Superpowers have always seemed a little like fairies,
we fake them with cardboard cutouts in the back garden
until we realize how wrong we have been;
time goes on and their looks change.
No speeding bullets and tall buildings anymore.
It’s all darkness and trauma
inner demons are our new villain
And fairies, well, fairies were a lie.

Entry #45 – Not Everything is What it Seems

Often times when I am flying above the city,
I think about the people below,
And I am still baffled.
Do I really look like a bird to them?
A plane even?
I know that I am flying very high up,
And that it is unusual to see a person up in the air,
But saying that I look like an airplane is just insult!
I am not that big!
Nor do I have bird-like qualities!
Not all things that fly look alike, people.

Entry #48 – A Day in Time

His skin tingles with a crawling sensation and suddenly he trembles to pick up his glasses. His muscles burn and twitch and conform as they tighten with an unusual strength. He recalls the past day– he did nothing out of the ordinary, nor did anything unusual happen.
Yet he was still perplexed. And he grabbed for his coat, to go for a walk, and it became bound to his palm, As if a layer of glue had been applied.
So again he recalls the past day, and nothing out of the ordinary, or anything really extraordinary, but he did vaguely remember a painful sting that lasted only a second.
So he walked from his home, coat in hand.
It rained as if the world was ending, and the droplets showered down on him,
But it did not refresh him as it usually did, the water was crippling, as he cringed
And felt as though he would shrivel like a spider.
But as he walked, perplexed, a distant cry resounded against the night.
He ran towards the echoes, instinctively, and as he saw the child standing,
Petrified with fear, he reached out a hand.
But from his wrist sprayed a web-like string.
He felt the slightest vibration beneath his feet, and turned, reflexively, in time to catch a man in black. And with his string he left the villain pinned against a cold, brick wall And crawled away with the child until he dropped him safely in the arms of his family. Who was this man? They asked. Who is this hero?

Entry #49 – Daredevil

Blinded by nine
A freak accident
An accident he would never forget
It changed him and his senses too
His senses
The only power he needs to kill you
He can hear you breathing from meters away
And can tell when you don’t quite know what to say
Don’t try to lie
Oh no he won’t tolerate that
If you lie you’ll feel one of your bones crack
Cracked by the strength he’s built up in the years
The years he’s tried to hide the tears
That fell when his father fell too
His father, the man who always knew what to do
He is now like his dad, so strong and proud
He is now like his dad as he says his name loud
The double “D”s that glow read
Daredevil, the man all criminals dread

Entry #50 – Lost Hero

Rising and falling with the tides of
The Seven Seas,
You came crawling, crawling to me,
A hero you were, wearing a mask,
But now you have found me at last.

And you have saved me from the darkness of
My own reality,
You placed the light in front of me,
A hero you were, like my own shadow,
Ridding me of all sorrow.

Like the gusts of wind
That blow the Sands of Time,
You were truly, only mine,
A hero you were, slipping away,
But your soul will forever stay awake.

And like the bottom of the oceans
Never see the light,
When you went away, I lost my might.
A hero you were, but now you are gone,
Leaving me to sing this song.

But like the calm, peaceful sky
Filled with the coolness of the air,
I know that you’ll always be there.
A hero you are, watching over me,
I have and forever will believe.